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Evidence-based TCM Fertility in Singapore

How TCM treats fertility issues

Treating Infertility Issues

Traditonal Chinese Medicine(TCM) can be utilised in fertility consultations as an alternative as well as supplement to other medical methods. In this context, it benefits from the fact that the unusual reception of TCM in the West has integrated aspects of psychological diagnosis and care, in addition to the therapeutic application of acupuncture/moxibustion and Chinese medicinals, into a special treatment concept.

Supporting IVF Treatments

IVF was first successful in the United States in 1981. Since then, it has become a widely accepted method of treatment for infertile couples. Alternative medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) has been supporting IVF treatments in recent years to its boost success rate. We are one of the few clinics who specialises TCM Fertility in Singapore.

Top 7 Supplements for Sperm Quality

Male Fertility

It is well-known that male infertility is one of the reasons why couples can’t conceive. There are countless studies going on regarding male infertility and till today, results have been inconclusive and there is not yet a CURE existent to treat male infertility. However, several studies have shown certain supplements can help to improve sperm quality and aid fertility chances.

About Me

I don’t like the word infertility. It takes away some of the power and hope that we have over our own health and fertility. Just because some doctors or papers said that you will have a harder time getting pregnant when you are over 35 doesn’t mean it has to be you. I want you to know that fertility goes beyond fertilising an egg and sperm – it isn’t just that simple! Your entire internal environment and endocrine system is way more important than that. Balancing them is key.

I hold a Masters in Gynaecology(TCM) and a Biomedical Science(Hons) degree and I have always been an advocate of both sides of the medical world. I have helped many couples to successful conception but many came initially with grief, disappointment and despair. They thought they have tried all methods and alternatives but in actual fact, many went on to conceive successfully with just a little more guidance. That is why I specialise TCM Fertility in Singapore.

Over here in Green Sinseh Blog, I strive to write in-depth evidence-based blog articles that enpower you with the ability and knowledge to improve your fertility. Alternatively, I can help you through your fertility goals naturally with Traditional Chinese Medicine through a 1-on-1 consultation. 

Physician Edmund Pang


A patient doctor like Dr. Edmund, had answered all my wife’s questions, including her diet and emotions issue that she faced on daily basis. This small act really helped to build up her confidence to follow the advice of doctor. Light music played during the whole consultation process also made her more calm and easier to share her thoughts and problems with Dr. Edmund. We were glad to meet Dr. Edmund and now we are preparing ourselves to welcome this little one to this world.
Peter, husband of Cheryl with PCOS
For 5 years of trying, my partner and I decided to visit the TCM. That’s where I met Dr Edmund Pang in December 2016. He helped me to regulate my period and our ying/yang. Then once my period was regular, Dr Pang started chinese herbs for FERTILIY and taking basal temperature for 6 months. In May 2017, I become very fatigue and nausea, I was finally pregnant. I’m so grateful to Dr Pang, it took 6 months of Chinese herbs to help me get pregnant.
Nurul, diagnosed with endometriosis

Be your own fertility advocate today!

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