About Me

I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Practitioner, board certified and licensed in Acupuncture and Chinese herbology. I hold a bachelor in Biomedical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, a bachelor in TCM from Beijing University of TCM and a Masters (Gynecology) from Liaoning University of TCM.

In total, my course of education involves 3 years in Singapore (NTU), 2 years in Beijing full time intern, and 1 year intern back in Singapore. Another 3 years for my masters for a grand total of 9 years.

Currently I am working full time in EMW Physiotherapy & TCM Clinic as Principal TCM Physician. Address is 9 Scotts Road, Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza. You can always book a consultation to find out more on how I could help you with your fertility.

My Credentials

  • Masters in Gynecology (TCM) (Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences), Nanyang Technological University
  • Bachelor of Medicine (TCM), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, FMU
  • Ayurvedic Therapist(500hr), Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore
  • Certified Yoga Teacher(200hr), Yoga & Ayurveda Center(USA), registered with Yoga Alliance USA
  • Certified Fertility Yoga Teacher, Baby Bliss Yoga(Australia)
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Island Yoga Ayurveda(UK), registered with Yoga Alliance USA
  • Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, Island Yoga Ayurveda(UK)
  • Current student of Diploma in Naturopath, College of Naturopathic Medicine(UK) – graduating in 2022
  • Previously Head of Fertility Team of Singapore Thong Chai Medical
  • Previously Supervisor of SengKang Clinic Branch of Singapore Thong Chai Medical

Why TCM?

My passion about TCM in gynecology started during my schooling years, when one of my friend was having serious menstrual cramps each period, and I prescribed 3 packets of TCM herbs for her and she said she had practically no cramps over the next few cycles. Just 3 packets! She told me that if she had known TCM earlier, she would not have taken so many painkillers prior to that. That is when I realised TCM can play a major role in managing and treating menstrual disorders. I started to cramp my time to slot in more interns with the gynecology department during my 2 years Beijing intern. Yes, it means going to operation theaters to help out with operations and.. I saw my fair share of abortion surgeries as well.

Why Green Sinseh?

Green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, energy, and is associated with meanings of growth, vitality, livelihood, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Sinseh is a slang used in my country Singapore, referring to a TCM practitioner. I am a strong advocate for plant-based, environmentally-friendly treatments and by helping couples achieve their pregnancy and fertility goals using TCM, Green Sinseh seems apt.

My Clinical Experience

Upon graduation, I went on to pursue a Masters in Gynecology from Liaoning University of TCM. Post graduation, I worked for a TCM charity hospital in Singapore, seeing well over 40-60 patients each day, treating digestive disorders, diabetes, neurology, respiratory diseases on a daily basis to name some. I personally have a keen interest in gynecological conditions, infertility, and reproductive disorders.

With the grace of my previous employer, I was promoted to Clinic Supervisor within 3 years of working experience, and was promoted to lead the Fertility Team in my workplace a year later. That is when I saw many struggling couples who had no way to turn to other than IVF and hormonal therapies. With TCM, I have helped many patients conceive naturally or supporting them during their IVF treatments and conceive successfully. Helping my patients with fertility issues is a work I guess I’m going to work till my grave as medical science is ever evolving.

My Medical Approach

Before learning TCM, I took Pure Biology during my secondary and junior college days. I have a personal interest in Chinese History as well. I was always looking for ways to demystify this ancient Chinese Medicine art and wisdom. Even after I started working and was helping patients achieve their goals of better health and healthy babies, I still continued to seek modern explanations for the centuries-old success of Chinese Medicine. 


Dr Bruce Lipton, a renowned cellular biologist, discussed the new science of epigenetics, a cellular science that says environment affects the health and well-being of our cells even more profoundly than genetics. Our conscious, subconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions are an integral part of our environment. 

That is why TCM focused so much on harmony and balance of body, mind and spirit as the foundation of all health. What we feel, think and believe about our environment affects our health and fertility. 

Dr Lipton said that ‘a cell’s life is controlled by the physical and energetic environment and not by its genes.’ This is why TCM focused on Qi, an entity that is a main cornerstone of TCM. When Qi(energetic environment) is flowing smoothly, your body healing properties is at its optimum. I help patients to heal and balance their own physical environment, using acupuncture, herbs and diet to alter energetic environment, encourage positive thinking and pay attention to thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

My Treatment Plan

At the foundation of fertility are two cells: the egg(largest cell in a woman’s body) and sperm(smallest in a man’s body). Everything I discuss in this blog or in my clinic relates to how I can help my patients create a nourishing, healthy and balanced environment in their bodies, minds, spirits and surroundings to give their eggs and sperms its best possible chance of developing into a healthy individual.

Regarding my treatment plan, I draw upon my experience in a wide variety of healing disciplines and tailor each course of treatment to the unique and specific needs of the individual. With care and expertise, I guide my patients to successful conception with acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition through either natural methods alone or in conjunction with state of the art western medical intervention (i.e. IUI and IVF methods).

You can read more about how I treat fertility challenges here:

Public Talk Experience

In February 2019, upon the friendly invitation of Professor Dr Tan Thiam Chye, then Head and Senior Consultant Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Urgent O&G Centre of KKH Hospital(largest hospital specialising in healthcare for women and children in Singapore), I gave a talk regarding TCM and its uses in sub-fertility to doctors and health professionals. Contrary to popular belief that Western doctors don’t believe TCM, it is more of Western doctors don’t know how TCM work scientifically, and with better bridging between East and West, hopefully one day both hands can merge to provide a more holistic approach towards fertility issues.

In Aug 2019, again upon the invitation of Reproductive Medicine Department of KKH Hospital, I was part of a public forum, entitled “Making A Baby: Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know But Just Too Afraid To Ask”. Prof Tan Heng Hao, Head and Senior Consultant Department of Reproductive Medicine, KKH was there as well and he is a very humble doctor. My topic was ‘How TCM can help your IVF journey’ and I have written an article regarding that as well. 

Prior to these talks, I have given talks in libraries, community centres, CDAC regarding TCM management in neck pain, back pain, knee pain, hypertension, diabetes, fertility talks to name a few. If your wish to conduct TCM talks in your workplace and work with me, you can contact me here as well.

And due to Covid, I have presented fertility webinar talks a couple of times during the pandemic, notably with Dr Roland Chieng of Virtus Group Singapore and Prof Ng of Sincere Group. 

A list of webinars/talks I have taken part in recent years..

5/3/22 – EMW – Pregnancy Loss Event

24/2/22 – ReQi Retreat – Body Constitution & Acupressure

13/2/22 – Thoughtfull – Resilience in Mind and Body

4/2/22 – EMW – Five things you need to know while concieving

11/8/21 – ARA Group – Do I really need supplements? 

4/9/21 – Dementia Group – How acupressure & diet can help constipation & insomnia – a modernized TCM approach 

25/3/20 – Benatural – TCM, Ayurveda & the Path to Fertility 

24/3/21 – Sugar & Spice – Recharging Sexual Batteries: The TCM Approach 

3/1/21 – SuperParent – Overcoming Fertility Challenges – A Modernised TCM Approach  

29/11/20 – Parenting Workshop – Five elements Parenting & Nutrition 

1/11/20 – 365 Cancer Society – Acupuncture in Cancer (Chinese) 

15/10/20 – 365 Cancer Society – Acupuncture in Cancer (Chinese) 

3/10/20 – Virtus Fertility Centre – Overcoming Fertility Challenges – A Modernised TCM Approach 

2/10/20 – TS6 Health – Cold Uterus & Your Periods – What’s the link? 

29/7/20 – Stemcord – TCM Support in Pregnancy & Confinement 

22/6/20 – Axix – Acupressure during Covid 

13/1/20 – Virtus Fertility Centre – TCM and its role in IVF 

13/02/19 – KKH Hospital – Subfertility & Pregnancy: The TCM Approach