Revitalising Shroomy Soup(四菇清补汤)

Revitalising Shroomy Soup Tonic soups usually contains animal parts such as pork ribs and chicken. However, they can be made vegan and healthier with plant-based ingredients. In this recipe, we will be using different mushrooms that have excellent health benefits and taste! Especially with the umami flavour from these fresh and dried mushrooms, this soup … Read moreRevitalising Shroomy Soup(四菇清补汤)

TCM Fertility Diet For Healthier Pregnancy

TCM Fertility Diet _ Full guide

In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), we believe a balanced lifestyle and diet is the key to nourish your body for an optimal state suitable for fertility and conception to occur. A quote by a famous fourteenth-century physician describes the role of Chinese nutrition within TCM: “Doctors first have to find the cause for an illness and … Read moreTCM Fertility Diet For Healthier Pregnancy

Vegan Menopause – A Complete Guide

Vegan Menopause

Everything thing you need to know: Vegan Menopause Menopause refers to the complete and permanent cessation of menstruation and an interval of 6-12 months is usually needed to establish the diagnosis. This transition is a period of declining ovarian function which typppically spans 2-5 years around the menopause and it usually occurs between the ages … Read moreVegan Menopause – A Complete Guide

Essence, Qi, Blood and Your Fertility

What are the Three Vital Substances? There are three substances that are vital to your fertility and health – Essence, Qi and Blood(精气血). Only when there are abundant Essence, Qi and Blood flowing through your body, fertility and conception is possible. Problems happen when they are in an unbalanced state. 1) Essence Essence is the … Read moreEssence, Qi, Blood and Your Fertility

Treat PCOS Naturally With TCM: Evidence-based

How TCM treats PCOS

What is PCOS and TCM? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex condition characterized by elevated androgen levels, menstrual irregularities, and/or small cysts on one or both ovaries. Alternative medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) have been shown to be effective in treating women with PCOS to successful conception. How prevalent is PCOS worldwide? According … Read moreTreat PCOS Naturally With TCM: Evidence-based

How TCM can help your IVF journey

What is IVF and TCM? Fertility declines with advancing age and the number of couples seeking infertility treatment at an older age is constantly increasing. A top quality embryo is believed to have the highest potential for implantation and development into a child. A better understanding of the relative importance of patient and treatment characteristics … Read moreHow TCM can help your IVF journey

Everything you need to know about Folic Acid:Evidence-based

What is Folic acid? Folate, known as folic acid, one of the B vitamins, has been suggested to be related to infertility [1] and is considered to be important for oocyte quality and maturation as well as for implantation and normal continuation of pregnancy[2]. Folate plays an important role in DNA synthesis and epigenetic modification, … Read moreEverything you need to know about Folic Acid:Evidence-based

How TCM treats Endometriosis & Fertility : Evidence Based

What is endometriosis and what causes it and how TCM can treat it? Endometriosis is a disease of adolescents and reproductive-aged women characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity and commonly associated with chronic pelvic pain and infertility. Endometriosis often presents as infertility or continued pelvic pain despite treatment with analgesics … Read moreHow TCM treats Endometriosis & Fertility : Evidence Based